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-- Largest and Most Diverse Legal Music Download Catalog: Over 1 million tracks from all 5 major labels and more than 600 independents. -- More than 8,000 audiobooks and popular public radio programs including, "This American Life with Ira Glass," "Fresh Air with Terry Gross," "Car Talk," and more. -- iMix: Allows music lovers to post and share their favorite songs -- Party Shuffle: A playlist that is always full of songs -- New Music Tuesdays: Receive weekly emails that showcase Exclusives, Celebrity Playlists, iTunes Originals live session recordings, and Pre-Releases from your favorite artists. -- Seamless integration with iPod.
iTunes 6 Mac + PC iTunes is the easiest way to organize, share and listen to music on your computer. Find new favorites. Manage your growing library. Enjoy the best friend an iPod ever had. Download iTunes 6 free for Mac or Windows. Music Videos The virtual shelves of the iTunes Music Store now feature music videos. Preview, browse and buy classics, new releases and iTunes exclusives for just $1.99. TV Shows You watch them at home. Now download them and take them on the road with the new iPod. Shop for your favorite NBC, ABC and Disney TV shows, only on iTunes. MiniStore Discover new music as you enjoy your collection or import new CDs with MiniStore — right from your iTunes library. Sync Home Movies Create iPod-compatible versions of your own movies using iTunes. AirTunes Enhancement Simultaneously stream the same song wirelessly to up to three home stereos or powered speakers — using AirPort Express with AirTunes.
Watch iTunes do for video what it did for music. Now that the iTunes Music Store offers more than 3,000 music videos and select TV shows along with 2 million songs (and counting), instant gratification looks better than ever. To help you share your newfound joy, iTunes adds customer reviews, personalized recommendations and new gift options. Stop, Look and Listen Always your one-stop music shop, the iTunes Music Store now features music videos and TV shows to buy and own forever. So while you browse more than 2 million songs, 35,000 podcasts and more than 16,000 audiobooks, you can also preview and download that classic '80s video or the latest episode of "The Office." Watch everything from the comfort of your Mac or PC, as many times as you like. No stuttering video streams, no advertisements, no hassle. Then sync all your songs and videos to the new iPod and take them with you wherever you go. iTunes makes growing your digital music and video collection fast, easy and legal. New in iTunes 6 Season Pass Buy the entire season of a TV show at a discount. MiniStore Discover new music as you enjoy your collection or import new CDs with MiniStore — right from your iTunes library. Convert Your Movies Create iPod-compatible versions of your home movies using iTunes. AirTunes Now simultaneously stream music wirelessly to up to three home stereos or powered speakers with AirTunes. Music Videos Browse more than 3,500 music videos available for $1.99. TV Shows Download full seasons or the latest episodes of your favorite NBC Universal, Sci Fi Channel, USA Network, ABC and Disney shows. Customer Reviews Post your own customer reviews and ratings for music, TV shows, videos, audiobooks and podcasts, and read what other fans have to say. Give Music and More Buy and send music, audiobooks and videos as gifts. Give iTunes Music Cards and gift certificates. Take It All In Importing your existing music is merely a matter of inserting a CD, while the iTunes Music Store offers something for everyone. Buy songs and albums by your favorite musicians. Download exclusive tracks — from artists such as Eminem and Franz Ferdinand — you won’t find anywhere else. Or jumpstart your digital music collection with iTunes Essentials organized by mood, artist or theme. And when you’re browsing your own library, let MiniStore highlight albums and songs from the iTunes Music Store similar to what you’ve selected. Feeling more bookish? Only the iTunes Music Store offers the complete six-volume Harry Potter audiobook series and the chance to own a collector’s edition iPod. Customer reviews let you speak your mind and see what others have to say. The new Just For You section offers personalized recommendations. As always, the iTunes Music Store features musical Exclusives and Celebrity Playlists. And don’t forget free podcasts — radio-style shows from major media and homegrown broadcasters alike — available from the iTunes Podcast Directory. Whatever your listening pleasure, iTunes has you covered. Make It Your Own Once you import and download all your music, iTunes lets you manage it any way you please. Create playlists to suit your mood. Use Smart Shuffle to adjust random playback to hear more of the songs you like. Set parental controls to ensure your kids hear only what they should. Sync everything — even Outlook contacts and calendars on Windows PCs — to your iPod. Share your tastes by publishing an iMix to the iTunes Music Store or streaming to your home stereo. Burn mix CDs, complete with cover art. Discover new music with the built-in MiniStore. Find the perfect gift on iTunes. Buy and send songs, albums, playlists, music videos and TV shows as gifts to anyone with an email address, or print out a certificate with a redeemable code for your chosen gift. You can also pick up a pre-paid Music Card or iTunes Music Store gift certificate and let them choose for themselves.