Banish Depression, Obliterate Bad Moods And Help To Finally Bring Simple Happiness Back Into Your Life. Safely, Naturally And Without The Use Of Drugs
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Astonishing 'Joy Equation' Banishes Depression, Obliterates Bad Moods And Helps To Finally Bring Simple Happiness Back Into Your Life... Safely, Naturally And Without The Use Of Drugs There's A Very Good Reason Why You Can't Climb Your Way Out Of The Well Of Depression No Matter How Hard You Try... On this page, you'll learn... The startling reason millions of Americans are unable to crawl out of the deep well of depression no matter how hard they try... How one man's “crisis of faith” has revolutionized depression treatment and helped thousands banish depression and bring honest joy back into their lives and the lives of their families. The blunt and honest truth about depression and depression treatment that the fat cat pill pushers have spent millions to keep under wraps... And... One remarkable, natural and ridiculously affordable depression-curing plan that actually works... and that's guaranteed to cure you of your depression (and cure it for good) in 30 days or less without the use of drugs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ask Joe Barton, President of Barton Publishing and Natural Cure Pioneer For Immediate Release Saturday, April 11, 2009 Dear Friend, In just a moment, I'm going to tell you how you can use Barton Publishing's “Joy Equation” to quickly, permanently, affordably and naturally banish your depression for good. But first, let me tell you my own story... When I was in High School my gym teacher (who was a bald-headed, always-grinning sadist we called “Mr. B”) would taunt us by talking about “The Wall.” “The Wall” was that invisible barrier you would hit after running a few too many laps or a few too many miles when you're body just decided enough was enough. You'd be running along, everything was going fine and then... “BAM...” ... you slam into “The Wall” at top speed, get knocked on your butt and suddenly every step feels impossible. Every step is hard. Every step is pain. Which is what I was thinking about a few months ago when I found myself laying on my office floor, staring at the ceiling, a sick, nauseous pulse in my throat, my eyes on the verge of tears, just waiting for the hours to to go by... Which Is What I Was Thinking About When I Realized That -- Maybe For The First Time In My Life -- I Was Really Truly Depressed The way I see it, common depression treatments can be grouped into three categories... all of which have tremendous downsides that bother me deeply. You see, I've always been a religious man, active in my small Baptist church... and when an argument over our new pastor threatened to tear my religious family apart, I spiraled downward, and took a header right into the deep well of devastating, horrible depression. I alienated my loved ones and my friends, got crabby on the phone and not answering the door. I completely lost interest in sex and love, treating my amazing wife in ways I desperately wish I could take back. I stopped doing the activities I cared about, stopped cleaning, stopped caring and stopped living. I Hit “The Wall” And I... Stopped. And when I finally “started” again. When I was finally lucky enough to crawl my way out of that horrible malaise, started to embrace the help my loved ones offered me and started to live my life again? I Made A Decision That I Would Never Feel That Horrible Sadness And Sense Of Helplessness Again And That I Would Do Everything I Possibly Could To Help The Millions Of People In This Country And Around The World Who Are Suffering From Crushing Depression Every Day About Joe Barton Through Barton Publishing, Joe Barton and his staff have helped tens of thousands of people around the world to cure embarrassing, dangerous and sometimes even deadly medical maladies (from Urinary Tract Infections to Scabies to High Blood pressure to High Cholesterol and more) safely, naturally and without the use of drugs. While Joe is not a doctor, he's dedicated his life to digging up the real truth about common diseases and afflictions . . . and to helping as many people as he can to kick the “magic pill” habit and improve their health--and their lives--using powerful knowledge and natural cures. Through “The Joy Equation” Joe hopes to finally help the millions of depression sufferers around the world to finally banish depression and embrace the happiness they deserve. Company Testimonials "Barton Publishing did an extremely good job of getting me the report quickly and I found it to be very interesting and felt is was definitely worth a try." --T. Brown New London, MO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Even though the remedy consists of very common and natural ingredients, the results in my case are phenomenal. Not to mention that I had immediate results!" --Ted Jones Rex, GA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dear Joe: I am a physician and I was very skeptical abouth this treatment. Nonetheless I have tried it and it seems to help. My early response is favorable." --Richard Bensimon, M.D. Trumbull, CT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I had no problems with my order or Barton Publishing. In fact, I'm looking forward to trying some of your other home remedies and natural cures, so keep sending those emails." Thanks again, --Stephanie Danford Colorado Springs, CO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The way you've handled everything for me has been above anything I could ask for. The report, the extra reports, the response when I couldn't find my report on Wednesday after I ordered it on Tuesday. Your follow up. Your concern as to how I am doing, everything. There is nothing I can think of that I would suggest you change. You are doing a great job. Thanks!!! A MILLION!!!" --Sharon Smith Rossville, GA My name is Joe Barton. And because of my own experience with depression, my team and I have recently developed a complete, natural approach to curing depression that actually works and that's guaranteed to banish depression from your life for good in 30 days or less... an approach I call... The Joy Equation If you've tried treatment after treatment and have still been unable to bring joy and happiness back into your life, it's NOT YOUR FAULT. In fact, there are several very real reasons why this has happened to you -- why your efforts to banish depression from your life have been doomed to failure right from the start, and why, no matter what you try, you find yourself continuing to suffer from the crushing sadness and malaise. I promise you,no matter how long you've been depressed or how depressed you've been, you can say goodbye to the constant sadness, say goodbye to the numbness and the pain and rediscover simple, honest happiness without blasting your mind with pills, without massive life change and without emptying your savings into the pockets of doctors and therapists. The way I see it, common depression treatments can be grouped into three categories... all of which have tremendous downsides that bother me deeply. 1.) The Utterly Ineffective: Depression guru after depression guru focuses on “positive thinking,” energy work or other “surefire” fads that, while entertaining in their way, sap away hope from their victims and leave unfortunate sufferers in their wake no closer to true happiness at all. 2.) The Prohibitively Expensive: While psychotherapy and counseling have been proven again and again to have a positive effect in the ongoing fight against depression, the sheer cost of this one-on-one treatment puts it out of the reach of many people and can cause a huge amount of stress and even sadness even for those people who can afford it. Sessions with a competent therapist can cost $80, $100, $200 or more per hour, hour after hour, week after week for years with only the smallest, barely noticeable changes in attitude, persona and happiness. Therapy can easily add up to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per year. 3.) The Dangerous, Side-Effect-Laden “Magic Pills.” Listen, we'd all like to be able to swallow a pill that would destroy our bad moods and rocket us to a state of positive, powerful happiness that would let us stride through our lives like giants, un-bothered by anything and utterly immune to side effects. But such a pill simply doesn't exist. And even if it did, it would be owned by a fat-cat monolithic pharmaceutical company and doled out at a high premium and only by prescription by doctors. I implore you here, even if you never take part in The Joy Equation, I hope you'll leave this site knowing that the hyped up “Magic Cures” you see on the internet are inaccurate, ineffective and sometimes misleading. I have one more very simply question for you, the answer to which may well change your life forever: Are You Ready For A Serious, Legitimate, Natural And Affordable Depression Cure That Really Works And That's Based On Sound Research And Real World Experience? Just imagine yourself out in the world, at your kid's soccer game or at work, a huge, satisfied smile crawling across your face, almost blinding lights beaming from your eyes. Just imagine yourself bounding out of bed in the morning ready and even eager to face the day and whatever challenges it might bring. Just imagine being filled with passion and love and truly, once again being able to enjoy the company of your friends, your family and your spouse or partner. Just imagine saying goodbye to the stress and the expense of those side-effect laden depression pills... and regaining your true personality and your true self. Just imagine finally being happy... and having the tools and the knowledge you need to stay happy even in the face of the toughest challenges. Just imagine finally finding joy. Introducing The Joy Equation Here's what this is all about. My expert team of researchers and I have spent the last several months immersing ourselves in the world of depression in a quest to finally discover a simple, natural way to banish this terrible affliction from our lives (because, yes, like most Americans we've had our bouts with the specter of depression and realize how devastating it truly can be) and from the lives of those we know forever. We've dug through absolute mountains of scientific literature, separated the honest truth from speculation and cut through the medical malarky to discover what science and culture really know about the causes of depression. Want to learn more...? I've taken the time to prepare a detailed comparison of this holistic method of therapy versus doctor's visits. Joy Equation Comparison We've visited and talked to psychotherapists, social workers and other depression experts to get real insight into the emotional life of depression and find out what aspects of therapy are truly useful and what's just expensive mumbo jumbo. We've dug deep behind the curtain of America's pharmaceutical establishment to discover the real truth about common depression-masking (no drug can truly cure depression) drugs and to lay bear the real side effects of these “magic pills” and to let every depression sufferer know what they're truly getting into when they turn to drugs to treat their depression. And we've poured our hearts, our souls and hundreds of hours of our effort and time into creating a simple, affordable and startlingly effective depression cure... a four part system guaranteed to give you tools and support you need to banish depression from your life and to banish it for good without drugs and without costly, seemingly endless therapy bills A four-part cure we call The Joy Equation. In our research, my team and I determined that there are four essential components to curing depression without the use of drugs. They are: Information... knowledge of what it is you're facing Action... Simple, easy-to-follow instructions for combatting your depression. Inspiration... Stories of people just like you who have successfully banished depression from their lives the natural way. And support... Having people in your corner who care about you and your progress and who are willing to go out of their way and to even extreme lengths to help you climb your way out of the well of depression and to reclaim the happiness you deserve. Knowledge + Help + Inspiration + Action = Joy Equation In the Joy Equation, we've combined these four components into one simple, easy to follow and almost ridiculously affordable package. Here's What You'll Get When You Make The Powerful, Life-Changing Choice To Tap Into The Joy Equation And Cure Your Depression Safely, Naturally And Without Drugs 1.) Information The Joy Equation “Depression Remedy Report: How To Cure Your Depression Naturally Without Drugs” This expertly researched and simply-written downloadable report will quickly become your depression fighting bible. These 34 pages are absolutely crammed with the simple and honest truth about depression, what really causes it (and what really doesn't) and what you can do today to finally climb your way out of the well of sadness and learn to embrace the active life, sense of purpose and happiness you deserve. Inside you'll learn... The difference between depression and sadness... and how to tune up and refine your “depression radar” so you'll know in an instant whether you're just “having a bad day” or are in danger of falling into a dangerous and soul-killing bout of depression. 12 deadly depression danger signs... and what to do right away when you feel these symptoms coming on. The six most common types of depression... and how to identify what type you're suffering from in surprisingly little time. Simple facts about hormones... and why women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression. The devastating silence surrounding men's depression... and how to help yourself (or the men in your life) to open up about their inner pain. The truth about bi-polar disorder... and how to separate this “depression see-saw” from major depression. Simple facts about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)... and ridiculously simple steps you can take to obliterate the winter blues. How to handle the devastating affects of postpartum depression... and what every soon to be mother needs to know about the “Baby Blues.” The four types of psychotherapy... and danger signs to look out for when choosing a therapist. How to get off the Drug train and say goodbye to Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil and other all-too-common depression-masking drugs for good. What anti-depression drugs really do to your libido... and hard facts you need to know about what these “wonder drugs” will do to your love life. The dark side of Welbutrin... and why this popular drug could leave you dizzy, dry-mouthed and desperate for an alternative. The truth about light therapy... and what photosynthesis in plants has to do with your moods and the way you think. The real skinny on Eastern Medicine... and how you can use these ancient, proven techniques to drastically boost your mood in surprisingly little time. Why, how and when to meditate... and why anyone can meditate anywhere at any time without getting new-agey or drawing attention to themselves. The secret about “The Secret”... and how positive thinking really can hijack your sadness and put you on a path to personal power. How what you eat affects how you feel. . . and a comprehensive emergency list of foods and herbs to keep in your Depression Combat kit. The perturbing power of peppermint. Why depression loves isolation... and how to motivate yourself to get out in the world and among friends even when you're feeling low. And much, much more, all explained in simple, non-scientific language and laid out to take away any confusion you might havAnd much, much more, all explained in simple, non-scientific language and laid out to take away any confusion you might have and tell you exactly what you need to do to reclaim the happiness you're entitled too and start enjoying your life.e and tell you exactly what you need to do to reclaim the happiness you're entitled too and start enjoying your life. 2.) Action You'll receive 30 days of simple email tips from Joe Barton and the Joy Equation team telling you the exact actions you should take to start combatting your depression today. You'll wake up every morning to find a new message from myself or my team giving you a simple, easy-to accomplish task guaranteed to help you throw off the weight of your depression and begin the process of healing yourself and reclaiming your life. 3.) Inspiration 58 Inspiring Stories from sufferers who have conquered depression the natural way without the use of drugs. We've compiled 58 powerful tales of people just like you who have suffered depression (in some cases for years or even decades) and who have used the techniques, tips and information of the Joy Equation to conquer their depression and regain power over their lives including: Pamela's Story... and how she stopped taking her tablets and discovered the hidden joy of sailing the seas. How Linda cancelled the “pity party,” dodged the “Magic Pill” bullet and learned to be there for her beautiful children. What Ruth did to defeat the winter blues and brought vitality and color back into her life. Cari's struggle with post-partum depression... and the clever little trick she did to keep her hormones balanced and her sadness in check. How Terry faced the pain of a terribly traumatic childhood, regained control of her life and has now dedicated her time on this earth to helping others. The small favor that led Ted to turn to his faith... and to rediscovr his personal joy. And many, many more all delivered right to your inbox to give you the inspiration you need to experience joy once again. 4.) Support Email Access To Joe Barton And His Staff And Access To The Exclusive, Members' Only Joy Equation Forum Want more great reading...? Check out my blog on healthcare and life in general. If you want a great, free resource with tons of information and links, look no further! Put simply, no one can conquer depression alone. When you make the choice today to take hold of the Joy Equation, you'll receive unlimited lifetime email access to myself and my staff. If you have a question about the Joy Equation, the information in the Joy Equation Report, The Joy Equation Depression Banishment Emails or simply need some personal feedback and guidance, simply email us and we'll be sure to get back to you, usually within 24 hours. Plus you'll have unfettered access to the Joy Equation Forums: A rapidly growing place to discuss your natural fight against depression with sufferers and former sufferers who have made the decision to say goodbye to drugs, to sadness and to pain. Sit back for a moment and just imagine what a huge opportunity this is to finally banish sadness from your life and embrace joy. Alright, Joe, I'm interested... But How Much Does It Cost? Since I want to get The Joy Equation Natural Depression Banishment System into hands of as many people as possible as quickly as possible, I'm going to make you a ridiculously attractive proposal and offer you the entire package listed above for just one payment of $39.95 $19.95... on one condition. After you follow the advice of the Joy Equation Report, take the steps prescribed in our email action items, read through the inspiring Joy Equation Stories and take part in the forum, please send me a quick note giving me an update on your progress and letting me know how the hard work of me and my staff has helped you banish depression from your life and reclaim the happiness and joy you deserve.