Blank, already together jigsaw puzzles that can be hand drawn, rubber stamped, stenciled, airbrushed or screenprinted. They will NOT fall apart until taken apart and are great for classroom projects, party invitations, letterwriting, and greeting cards.
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Since 1974, we've manufactured, and sold, a varied line of BLANK, preassembled jigsaw puzzles, the basis for a line of great educational and/or craft products. Ya can airbrush 'em, screenprint 'em, tole paint 'em, use acrylics, watercolors, sponge art techniques, felt tipped markers, rubber stamps, stencils, crayons, heat transfer inks, etc. They're perfect for mailart and other paper crafts, letterwriting, greeting cards, party invitations, classroom projects (language arts, mathematics . . . just plain ole arts), business advertisements and promotions. We also make jigsaw "Puzzle Clonzz (R)" jigsaw puzzles that you can print on a (1) laser printer, (2) ink jet, and/or (3) plain paper copier